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Unsustainable Polarity

There are many reasons to feel discouraged, defeated or hopeless in today’s world. A huge factor in the division that we fuel among ourselves is structured, strategic and intentional. The purpose of this letter is not to tell you what to think, counter what you feel or reflect any one individual’s (or organization’s) personal agenda for their own profit. I am merely attempting to offer a few points amidst the emphatic insistence that there are only two sides left - still yelling over each other. The truth is - there are many perspectives and lives all around us that are all battling their own beliefs, experiences and chaos. This is a judgement free space, but this is what exists in the middle of all walks of life. The polarities we remain stuck behind in our ideas of reality will not matter in the end. If we can’t come together on these polarizing ‘issues’ - our planet will do it for us. Literally. If you didn’t know, planet Earth is in the middle of a geomagnetic excursion as we speak. That means many things, but one of which is that the Earth's magnetic field (including the Poles) is reversing. There is also even a point in the arctic seas where the North and South Pole will officially meet - very soon. I can't speak on (or for) the many major organizations that have deliberately lied, deceived and ignored the currently realities of our time (whether we're talking NASA, Nat Geo, world governments, education systems or the rest), but I do support holding them accountable and continuing to ask questions. The point is… Our world will never be the same. How do YOU want to ride it out?

  1. Maskers v. Anti-Maskers (Vaxers v. Anti-Vaxers)

Maskers are not made up of purely Dems who believe Biden is the savior of this country. Anti-Maskers are not made up of purely Trump supporters who believe DJT is the savior of the planet. If you look around at the grocery store - you’ll see all walks of life (Natives, Whites, Kids, Rich, Poor) all wearing masks. You will also see the same exact groups maskless from time to time. To believe that there are two kinds of people - Trumpers who hate masks & Biders who hate Trumpers - is incredibly out of touch and downright ignorant. The truth is, there’s anti-maskers (and maskers) who can’t stand Trump or Biden or Obama or Bush - and it has nothing to do with politics, science or freedoms. There is an incredible inconsistency being displayed by the health officials of all countries (especially this one) and if that’s not justification for asking questions, then nothing ever will be. This contentment in misleading leadership/degradation in quality of life has resulted in exactly where we stand as a society today. If I had a question about why we as citizens were told to wear masks, get vaccinated and ‘Power the Comeback’, and why this has directly resulted in the announcement of further mask mandates, more vaccinations (boosters, yearly, etc.) and the incessant plugging of the ‘New Normal’ - I would be labeled a Trump supporter moron for just simply asking the question. Nevermind whether or not I value specific politicians’ words over my own ability to critically think - or even whether or not there might be actual answers that could be provided in response to the questions (truthful or otherwise). I could go on and on about what all of this entails - but I’d like this to be readable in full. Point is, we are all different and we are all the same.

  1. Pandemic v. Virus

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about those who ‘don’t believe the pandemic is real’ and how they’re going to catch the virus and find out on their deathbed. Aside from the fact that wishing ill on ANYBODY is absolutely ridiculous, directly disrespectful and a complete waste of our time - acknowledging there’s a virus doesn’t equate to validating that there is an ongoing pandemic threatening the global population, nor does it equate to a belief that the government (with a clear-cut and full history of corruption and greed) values the public’s safety and well-being above all else. What has the government ever done that truthfully benefited the people and the people alone (without their own benefit for their own system)? Every strategy used has a name, a psychological intention and, so far, has WORKED pretty much every time. There’s a reason certain words are chosen and there’s a reason certain words have their definitions spun to fit a government-benefitting understanding - rather than what they truly mean. For example, at some point around the ‘80s and into the 90’s - the American public became ‘folks’. Not because ‘folks’ is easier to say than ‘ladies and gentlemen’, or because the rich and elite wanted to save their breath. Perhaps the one thing you cannot ever question about our government is their deep and thorough understanding and research into the human mind. Long story short, ‘folks’ makes everybody...nobody. The more normalized ‘all you folks’ (or as Bush used it in his immediate speech following the 9/11 attacks, declaring that we will ‘find those folks who committed those attacks’) become, the more you realize you’re just everybody else. You’re not you. You’re just one of the folks. We’re all folks. Everybody’s a folk. Terrorists? Folks. Radio listeners? Folks! And folks? Whether you know it or not - you folks don’t matter. Now - to remain on topic here - ever heard the saying ‘you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth?’. There’s a lot of people who recognize that this virus is real. There’s also a lot of people who just can’t get themselves to ignore the self-admitted facts that reveal the innumerable examples of faulty-testing, skewed percentage reports and countless death certificates that outright lied (and continue to) on the cause of death. Of course there is a virus. Of course people are getting sick. And of course, it’s difficult to value reported numbers from people who are simultaneously admitting they’re making up those exact numbers.

  1. Historical Fact v. Historical Fiction

It seems that many people believe history is important. It seems many people have heard the term ‘history repeats itself’ and it seems that just as many seem to think that idea has no relation to blatant, obvious, repeating strategies our government has used on its people for over a century. The history we’re programmed to remember are just tragedies of the masses: Holocaust, 9/11, slavery, etc. The more we detach ourselves from these tiny specks in the span of human time, the more we can feel distant from these individual events without ever connecting the behaviors, origins, and responsibilities throughout these times. Not to mention, the more unable we are to relate these controlling, horrific occurrences to our own life experience (or the small puzzle pieces some may have played in a grander timeline of events) - the less of a chance of recognizing our current enslavement and deception that we experience right now. Did you forget that Hitler was inspired in his mission primarily by the United States' slaughter of the Natives to secure and overtake this land and convince its own people it was legitimate? Hitler regarded America as his validation in what he could do, beginning in his own country. Did you forget how encyclopedias were re-written to express certain murderers as ‘compassionate humanitarians’ (ever heard of Rockefeller) to negate any accurate narrative of an entire life dedicated to corruption and greed? Did you forget they’ve removed the Trail of Tears from school textbooks? Did you forget that school is modeled after prisons? Did you forget that the ages of 3-13 are some of the most crucial, developmental and brain-formatting years of your entire life? Did you forget that you spent nearly the entirety of those years IN SCHOOL? Funded by who? Being taught a mandated curriculum organized by who? Is there any wonder humanity hasn’t ever reached its true potential? You were shut down before you could get started. Do you know what that means? It is never too late to discover who you really are.

  1. Indigenous History v. American History

While the Trail of Tears may have been removed from education textbooks (with slavery remaining on the chopping block), that is far from the only factual historical truths that remain suppressed, ignored or glossed over in regards to the outcome of indigenous populations all over the world. Can you imagine having your children kidnapped (to be put in American schooling), your elders killed, all while you received a life sentence in Alcatraz? For existing on your own land? The lack of awareness of the origin of this land’s ‘rulers’ (and Canada and Australia and…) is not the issue. The facts are there. In plain sight. The lack of interest, understanding or basic care is what fuels this disrespect the most. But as an American, what does that have to do with your life? Why would you step away from your own running water, refrigerated food, hot stove and gadgetized lifestyle to acknowledge the slayings that are stored deep in the soil of the very spot you sleep in? How mighty privileged we are to have a government that cares about us, even if they didn’t care about the ones already here...except when they fall in favor of the legalization of propagandizing its own citizens, admittedly lying about vaccines, science and nutrition (among everything else) and enforcing restrictions to decide how you live, where you live and when you are expendable enough to slaughter altogether.

  1. Independent Minds v. Unwavering Compliance

Though there is so much more that could be added to this letter, it would never be published if I didn’t restrain myself somewhere - so we’ll keep it at 5 main points. It is so interesting to me how individuals like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nikola Tesla, Malcom X, etc. can be looked back upon as such legendary idols of their respective fields/eras - yet the fact that all of them dedicated their lives, and their work, to the greater good of the human species around them and subsequently suffered brutal ends to their lives, and their work - all while fighting the system that blurs their true message/intention - can still be quoted, referenced and studied in today’s world. It is absolutely incredible that Tesla is more known as Elon Musk’s baby, than the literal man who embodied the household name. Is there a bigger disrespect? (Probably, ask the Natives). And here we are today, shutting down and screaming at those who simply ask questions, who simply strive to better humanity, who simply offer an alternate perspective than what is provided on the government-run, government-funded, government-propagandized technological media. If you cannot have a civil conversation with another individual who feels differently than you, in an effort to understand each other’s views - then you should never again utter the names Emerson, Tesla or X because you’re fighting alongside everything they died going against. Your thoughts should come into your mind because YOU thought them. Not because you were provided the thoughts by any outside influence. Who are YOU? What do YOU believe? Do you know? Or do you just demand that we all comply?

All in all, it is undoubtedly difficult to see humanity going in any direction other than the one we elongate further with each passing day. Whether you are a compliant servant of the agenda or a pillar of light for the earth - nobody is feeling their best today. That is exactly what we need to recognize that we ALL have in common, and because of this most important truth - we either find ways, little by little, to come together in compassion, love and care for each other - or we all suffer harder every day ‘til the sun wipes us out for good. Let’s give each other a reason to believe in tomorrow. Let’s choose a better delivery of our thoughts, a better listening ear to those that oppose and a more loving energy for our fellow humans. We have all been manipulated. Every single one of us. I see you. You see me. WE are what power our collective reality. Our planet is listening. What do YOU say?

If interested in a new set of ideals, guidelines and commitments that benefit all, for all, by all - check out the Revelation of Harmony and usher in a new age for a better day - right now. Find out more HERE.

'If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.'

-Thomas Jefferson, 1816 (see further Quotes)