I am a musician, speaker, producer and writer born and raised in Austin, Texas (and now on the move). I am not special! I have a mind and a soul and because of that I am capable of absolutely anything - which means so are you! If you do not recognize what that truly means for yourself, stick around. You will soon.

My personal background is fairly wide-ranging: After spending over 5 years working for the public education system with the Austin Independent School District in a variety of roles - from daycare/pre-school diaper changing to helping run an elementary after-school program to working with middle school level Life Skills Special Ed to returning to my own high school to work within SCORES and helping 9th-12th graders with social skills - I ultimately, and finally, reached the understanding that yes, our education system is completely faulty and needs complete overhaul...but NO, I wasn't going to affect much or benefit many kids by playing the part from WITHIN the system.

It was at that moment that I fully committed to focusing on art, expression and truth for all and eventually made the decision to leave all public workforce, leave all social media, leave all negative/limiting habits or belief systems that I had formed over the years - and to devote the rest of my life and energy to truly educating the world around me by learning as much as I can about everything that I can for the greatest good of all.

After spending years as a Play-by-Play Announcer for high school football (after my former dreams of being an NFL QB were dashed in 9th grade because of a heart issue), basketball and volleyball in the Central Texas area, gaining experience in audio installation/sales, hosting a weekly radio/video show for Friday Night Lights, working in fast food, grocery service, and experiencing many other deeply altering and expanding environments along the way - it has become hard to ignore the role that all forms of entertainment, news, media and more all play in the limiting of our potential, the control of our understandings, and the enslavement of our entire species.

There is much more on the way, there is much more that will occur on our planet and very soon the masses will be hit with some major reality checks, life-altering exposures of truths, and an acceleration of developments that will change the course of our universal understanding/experience forever. All within the next 5 years. You excited?

Want some further stories, light or love? Check out our official Shiny Records site and keep up with all of our consistent content as we set out on a quest to brighten, blossom and enlighten the world around us , every step of the way - I couldn't do it without the love and support of my wonderous soul-completion, Mariluna, and our superstar little girl, Nova. Where should we go NEXT?

I look forward to the Shine that will intensify more and more, for all, in the coming weeks, months and years ahead. Be excited!

'If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time...But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.'

-Aboriginal Woman

From one bright light to another,

Steven Nikola Strong-Caluette