The Sun's Spot

Welcome to The Sun's Spot! My little family and I are hitting the road and determined to beautify the entire world through love, art and legitimate assistance anywhere and everywhere we encounter. The journey is only just beginning - but we can't help but feel inspired by the Sun's own journey and cycles that not only provide, but enhance, all life on our nurturing planet. Discover more below and look forward to more frequent updates as we fly through these new experiences for all of us.

All JustThe3OfUsEatsNTreats and related blog/vlog content has officially moved into their updated home on our new Shiny Records site. The journal entries will be left below for those who find themselves interested and this space will largely remain unchanged until it is removed altogether with the upcoming changes coming to the site before the end of the year.

Thank you for being here and thank you for supporting independent art!

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August 31, 2021

This will be my final little journal entry for this space. I will continue to update with new vlogs or related JustThe3OfUs content but you can also find exactly that on our new Shiny Records site. Tomorrow, and each day onward, I will be primarily focused internally - envisioning the future that I wish to live out for my little family, and humanity at large. Beautiful times are already here. Turn off what's dead, turn off what's limiting and expand your mindfulness and intention to what you actually want to exist within. I will also be working on some promotion for the two upcoming singles. Thank you for following our journey! We have truly only just begun. What a ride it has already been!

August 28, 2021

Do you feel the sun? This is far from over. Get ready - Gaia's upgrade is accelerating and so are you. It's about to get weird. Good luck, brothers & sisters! Oh, and watch The Spi [Mini-Movie] HERE!

August 25, 2021

Things are beginning to become clearer. The repeated mistakes, the unfortunate shortcomings, the misperceived experiences have been brought to the forefront and the 6th week is in full swing. Hold on to your caps, take off is eminent. 2 days 'til the conception officially begins. Where will you be when the world changes forever? Trick question - because it already has. So...where are you?

August 23, 2021

Well - the truth certainly is harder to identify now more than ever, isn't it? Not that the actual truth is difficult to discern, but rather that everybody already believes they know the one and only almighty truth. Truth is - none of us know anything. That's part of the many benefits of socialization. Talking. Communicating your perspective, your experience, to others who aren't living your life, your experience. Hearing life journeys that you ended up not taking yourself. Growing from situations that you never had to live out yourself because you learned from those who did. Expanding your awareness, your understanding. What could be more rewarding? We'll see what happens. The intensity rises, the chaos reigns...we will see altogether what the end holds.

August 21, 2021

Growth is never complete, for there is no finish line to reach in the pursuit of one's purpose. Life requires an evolving definition to be what it is. We require evolving to be what we are. There's a lot of people that I had to just allow to misunderstand me - but never restrict my true potential. Our true potential. Together we are strong. The illumination grows brighter, the truth grows clearer and the age evolves along with our species. Are you ready for what's to come?

August 19, 2021

Have never looked more forward to a full moon than I have this one coming up in just a few days. I won't lie - yes, it is getting harder to keep my head up, to keep my face smiling, to keep believing in a purpose, in an opportunity, in any shred of change from today into tomorrow....this world isn't all sunshine and rainbows. It never has been. This world demands, requires and enforces the necessity for working for the system. Not for yourself. Not for others. That's okay. It gets harder. It gets more taxing. And our soul beceoms more battle-tested with every passing moment. So we haven't reached our ascension...but maybe we have reached our deepest pit...maybe. I still see a light up there, faintly, but shining evermore. Strength isn't strength if it vanishes.

August 3, 2021

Noticed it late, but we have our first signature added to the Revelation of Harmony exactly one month after I first wrote it. It took Jefferson and company decades to fully popularize the Dec of Ind of 1776 - but that involved killing people who didn't agree...and no internet. Grateful for the life we live and the time we get to live it. Show announcements should be coming fairly soon - and a new label website? Stay well!

July 30, 2021

After a few days of turbulence the invigoration of opportunity coupled with intentional optimism has resurged and made us smile wider than ever before. Lots and lots and lots of hard work ahead, but all a part of the fun, the joy and the grand payoff. Tumble me down you may, but bury me in the ground you will never. Hard part starts now - pulling up my britches and getting after it!

July 27, 2021

Had a couple of sun-shiny days and the air of the woods, peace of the trees and heal of the glow has effortlessly kept us grounded. So grateful for Mari and her strength and positivity as we remain determined in our ambitions and overjoyed in our reality. What's next on the list? We'll find out today! I no longer have internet or phone service, by choice, but as usual anyone can reach out through my email. Be well!

July 23, 2021

The living, breathing document I constructed - partly as a response to the Declaration of Independence of 1776 - has now been published! Watch the read-aloud, read along yourself, and fill out the form to have your signature added to play your part in a better Universe for all over on the Revelation of Harmony page. Mari's album is now available on all platforms as well! Stream/purchase here!

July 21, 2021

The rain keeps coming and the wildfires that were raging before we got here continue to dissipate. Nova continues to shine and Mari continues to expand her musical beauty (and so do I!). The real determination and push begins now - the reliance on ourselves intensifies and the outward inspirations become more motivating than ever before. A huge step was taken yesterday and further set up a rejuvenated optimism in our purpose and mission. Outlandish? Absolutely. Executable? Of course. Certain? No doubt about it. I also have a huge announcement dropping in less than 2 days (just before Mari's album). Oh, and we just released our latest vlog, discussing the road trip and the settling down (for now) in our new spot. Check it out here:

July 18, 2021

Exciting times! Chilly nights. Best part? Haven't had a single day without a rumbling thunderstorm since we arrived. Arrived where? Who knows...time will tell. Feeling true, inspired and determined - more than ever. The week ahead is an extremely monumental one and one that I, personally, have been waiting for for a long, long time. Invigorated with delight and preparation. Have even learned to feel a little patience these days, too. Be well, friends, and stay Strong...

July 13 , 2021

If there was ever any doubt, whether from others or suppressed within, they have been absolutely obliterated now. Everything is becoming clearer by the second and the experiences we've already endured have been so beautiful - it all just makes sense. Never a worry, because it'll always be fine. What an honor to be alive today. We're just getting started, yet it feels like we've been out here for months already. We're home, and we always will be. More fun ahead. Mari's album comes out on the 23rd and we'll be playing to the masses very soon. Nova has never been happier. So lovely to be apart of this important, inspiring, enjoyable journey!

July 9, 2021

My oh Mai - things have certainly been chaotic and frenzied the last few days! More than I've let myself even realize. But also not nearly as choppy, nor dejecting, as the not-so-distant turbulence of released, vanquished intensities of the past. Days are truly brighter and in a matter of hours - the sailing begins. It's honestly a bit hard to even adequately, or accurately, express my emotions of excitement - without sounding reptitive of my belief in my lil family and our triumphs - through my relaxed, and justifyably tired, physical state at the moment. I will say that Mari's dilligence and dedication to her album - through everything that has been swirling and coming at us from all angles the last few days - is one of the most inspiring, beautiful achievements I have ever been witness to. Honestly not sure I could have remained as composed, focused and gracious through this transition if the roles were flipped. But it has also been good for me to help around the house more and (slightly) take a bit of a breather from my own jams-in-progress and just appreciate greatness and be of service and return the support and gratitude that Mari has provided endlessly for me. This album is especially special and I am filled with anxious, eager anticipation for the world to press play. Onward and upward we go! Take care, friends.

July 6, 2021

Can't even believe I just typed a six. Fears have all but dissipated and the excitement within my joyous belly is becoming impossible to suppress. I am already tearing up at everything we're going to accomplish and we haven’t even grooved on yet. Days, just days away from beginning a beautiful journey around the sea! The progress that I felt Mari made yesterday was NOTHING compared to the magic of today. This album is so awesome. Everything about what we're doing is bringing us such joy and excitement, I truly can't explain it. Also initiated contact to some souls I really admire in the last few days...the rest is up to the universe and what could possibly be more comforting than that?

July 5, 2021

In characteristically non-dog fashion - Nova LOVES fireworks. Loud noises get her HYPED. No, not that we participated in those senseless, highly-marketed shenanigans ourselves, but, my goodness, this neighborhood sure loves to pop off how patriotic they are...and Nova loves to bark back. Comforting knowing she's on the Light side of History. Speaking of History, Mari has made some otherworldly progress on her album is just incredible, wonderous stuff. The world is waiting and they don't even know it. Funny how time works. Anyway, the days are actually starting to pick up pace and the things left to shake off are loosening but intensifying. More fun left before this chapter closes, I live excitedly for the unknowns ahead.

July 4, 2021

The ambitious visions, though outlandish to the fullest, continue to engage ever-increasing clarity in their executions. The requirement for action to be put forth from ideas - for ideas to ever become anything more than themselves - builds such excitement within me that burns more fiery than I have ever felt before. The time is here, the Age is now.

July 03, 2021

It appears we've reached the calm before the storm...and by calm I mean dragging...and by storm I mean floodgates of harmonious enlightenment - for there's always more to learn and, thus, more to do. Before the anchor can be withdrawn minor nuts and bolts must be tossed aside to allow for full sails ahead. Relatedly, the teaser for my latest upcoming music video just dropped and the outreach grows ever-expanding. Soon, too, I will castaway just as far and wide. Dream bright, tonight's as exciting as the rest.

July 02, 2021

As I sweep into slumber I am filled with the inescapable elation that, in addition to the publication of the inception of the Conception of my first full-length project just around the corner, the long-awaited realities and triumphs of escaping a cycle of the same and creating a spiral of ascendency through time well spent and lessons well learnt - the gravity of the moment reaches all-time heights, and my certainty in the outcome of all outcomes grows ever stronger. Cherish these days and empower these nights - there is love all around you.

July 1, 2021

Days away from liftoff and it continues to feel like rocket-speed approachment, coupled with everlasting sunsets/rises. No negative in either - only giddy jubilations and anxious anticipations of elevations. Achieved more of the same today - same being beautiful swarms of progress and productivity to reach many steps closer to our dazzles of travels. Same also being some intense, forewarned, though always unpredictable, curveballs of all sorts that, no doubt, have further velocities to reach before they're left behind for good. Some come with sadness and loss and grief, something I'm all too familiar with at this point in my existence. I will only say this, for now: Value those you truly love and never let them doubt it. As for those you truly don't, it's very true you never won't. Find peace in your relationships and settle for nothing less, the elevated spirit of an individual's committment to their own inner well-being isn't selfish in the slightest, as it helps us all build a future that shines the very brightest.

'Til tomorrow....and the day after that, we rise and exercise our right to live loving lives for the skies. Nighty night!