Future's Present: We Care About Us

Future's Present: We Care About Us


By Steven Strong

We have all long heard the saying 'They don't care about us', with 'they' referring to the self-proclaimed elite that control the world we inhabit - the dark ones who created our legal system, created every law and seem to lead humanity into darker and darker days with each backwards decision made. While it is absolutely beneficial and important to understand to the fullest extent how exactly 'they' have manipulated, controlled and massacred humanity in order for us to fully embody our own awareness, understanding and, of course, to hold ourselves accountable for the role we played in it - simply stopping there is incredibly unfortunate and limiting, in my opinion.

What the statement quoted above fails to bring into focus is a simple, but powerful, idea that remains true: WE care about us. I believe this is more important than anything else in these current, rebirthing times for our planet, species and galaxy.

The time for healing from all past traumas, relationships and experiences is coming to a close. The elevation of humanity is largely (not solely) becoming a reality due to the simple, but powerful fact that so many humans want better. They have always wanted better, but in an age of false-pandemics, social destruction, robotic invasion and digitalization of feelings - the cry out for a better life, and a better world, is as strong as it has ever been.

And that's wonderful news.

Whether most people realize it or not - we are getting our simple, powerful wish. The age of harmony, peace, bliss and love is here. The suffering of humanity is over. The fun finally begins.

Of course, for our planet to fully step into this new earth we must witness the collapse of the old one. Believe it or not, the world hasn't looked (or acted) like this for very long when considering the span of the entire cosmos. As such, the false rule that has led us here and created this mess have also led us to embrace more open eyes, aware souls and loving hearts through their foolish arrogance, aggressive actions and intensified power-struggle. Everything they wanted to accomplish on this planet has been banking on, and working towards, these exact times, with these exact plans.

But the thirst for global domination, mass depopulation and a digital takeover of Gaia has fallen juuuust short.

How divine!

Instead, the dark forces have pretty much forced their own hand and with every decision, action and 'mandate' they have only further pushed themselves deeper into their own grave, descending faster with each passing moment.

Whether it is the 'royalty' in Europe, the presidents of the US, the 'civilians' that serve as your neighbors, coworkers and schoolmates, or even the celebrities living (and faking deaths) for their own worship (Kobe, to name one) - all darkness is taking part in their final moments.

The quickening of changeovers is accelerating at a rapid pace and kicking into high gear, especially with the closing of this month as we collectively head into 2022.

The power of simply putting the focus and intent of our thoughts on hopeful dreams of better - instead of on the certainty of failure and corruption - has been validated, supported and rewarded. There's no doubt this will be very difficult on the 3D level. There's no question this will become even more chaotic in the realms of business, banking, legality, leadership, government, construction, military, etc.

All with a purpose. All with a beautiful, harmonious, natural creation of love and peace and collaboration rising from the ashes of the tarnished.

The difference between *this* and every dystopian movie you've ever watched? The ascending ones are YOU - not the celebrities propping themselves up as false gods and pretending on movie sets like they're wholly holy. They can only crave, deceive, divide and descend. Their time has come, as has ours. In the wise words of the untouchable Gregg Alexander: You Get What You Give.

As I've said before, not everyone is ready. But everyone is exactly where they need to be.

All is well. The light always trumps the darkness and that can only ever be all that is true. Which can only mean that every single moment lived is more beautiful, more light-filled, more loving than the last - no matter where you find yourself within the vast universe.

Stay steady and get ready, the ship is just setting sail and there's some of the rockiest waters we've ever traveled straight ahead. This is exactly what we've been waiting for for a long, long time.

The future is here. Those hopeful dreams manifesting into life are our present. The light is the gift that keeps on giving.

Why is this happening?


WE care about us.

And that's all that ever mattered.

Much love to all!

-Steven Strong