Gregg Alexander 1998

Gregg Alexander was the lead singer/writer of the international hit You Get What You Give by the band name of New Radicals. This interview was at the peak/tip of his success and seemingly the beginning of a prepared, thought-out, highly-intentional mission of his to educate the masses from within the system that enslaves them. Clearly, with the chart-topping success of his debut single, and the seemingly devastating malfunctioning effect he had on this interviewer, he was off to a massively successful start. That is, until he decided less than a year later that the 'interviews, touring, shows' - that he expresses as vital, powerful tools to utilize in this interview - are 'definitely not for me' and broke up the band before they could even release their second single.

Strangely enough, after 15 years of silence, Alexander then went on to work with some of Hollywood's biggest stars (Adam Levine, for example), winning a Grammy and being nominated/interviewed for an Oscar, and then suddenly reemerging as a performer, just recently, out of his devotion to the Biden Presidential Campaign that stems from the late Beau Biden's affinity with the New Radicals' biggest '90s hit.

I don't know about you, but I think if we can learn anything from the grips that the elite put on individual human beings (Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Ke$sha, Brittany Spears, a recent example) - then we should be able to recognize the reality within statements like THIS ONE from the present day Gregg Alexander, who seemed profoundly confused on his own identity the longer this interview went on.

Not to mention that Beau Biden, at age 30, was sent to Kosovo (in the Balkans) - the US hub for child/sex trafficking and psychological torturing - for several years and upon returning became very involved in the political landscape in Delaware before suffering from extremely aggressive brain tumors that ultimately killed him. His father, Joe, upon sending Beau to Kosovo, was quoted as saying 'I don't want him going, but I don't want to have to send my grandchildren later on'.