Ready Or Not

Ready Or Not: History Prepared Us


Steven Strong

As a student history was my least favorite subject. Memorizing dates that old, white dudes killed a bunch of Natives on was never my idea of a good time, let alone a worthy way to spend that time. However, I have always recognized and agreed with the concept of understanding the events of history to know how to best maneuver and understand the current day. My true passion for history honestly hit me not long ago, perhaps a couple of years, through my discovery of just how manipulated the 'history' we are taught in our 'educational' classes really is, and how it differs from the true reality of the exact same events or people. Not to mention the countless facts and events that are conveniently left out of the government-mandated curriculum to ensure that the people of our country, and our world, DO forget the truths throughout history and learn about the operations of our existences, the dawning of our incarnation and everything we claim to know about our lives - solely from the sources who stand to benefit from the suppression, exclusion and twisting of the facts of the past.

No matter how many of the masses individually - or collectively - do ignore, forget or become misled in their understanding of our origin, our planet's origin, and the story of our species - the good news is: History itself can never. Nature can never. The universe will NEVER forget or smudge or alter or abandon the facts of history.

One of the most comforting things I have learned in my lifetime is the fact that we are truly not alone. Not as individuals, not as countrymen and not as galactical or planetary occupants of this beautiful Mother Earth, either. Hollywood, and its powerful leadership/control (which I will touch more on in a moment) has done its due-diligence in ensuring that your idea of ETs, of life beyond our planet (or solar system), and your idea of aliens are nothing but fear-based, scary, invasive, violent beings that could only be here to destroy, conquer or enslave human beings on this planet. That idea - once you've explored the truth of the skies beyond our own - is so ignorant, sad and far-fetched (and magnificently hypocritical) that it is hard not to find comical at this point - especially when considering our current enslavement.

The humor in it dies, however, once you recognize the dangerous and restricting emotions this mindset creates not only in individuals, but in our species as a collective. If the masses recognized the power, love, truth, light, help, guidance, support that is constantly coming not just from star-souls way beyond our own solar system - but from the cosmic natural forces themselves, we would not only FEEL better in receiving that energy, but we would literally be able to change the landscape, functionality, physical form and civilized structure of the entire planet that we occupy together. (Not to mention the fact that our planet would have been fully jeopardized long ago without a little help from above.)

If we lived each day at peace - not buying into the thoughtful, strategic, carefully executed manipulations of a 'deadly' virus and the many horrors news media has convinced us is outside of our homes for over a century - you think we would NEED a government to provide us with health care? Money? Housing? Food? Education? Doctors? Entertainment?

Personally, the saddest part about this galactic aspect of the massive global deceit at hand is the dismissal and unawareness of our own cosmic origin. Understanding our own soul make-up, conception and empowerment - and how our spiritual presence connects us far beyond this planet, this solar system, or even this dimension is monumentally rewarding for our species. Essentially, how we are all true star-beings whose souls have lived many incarnations in numerous galaxies and planetary systems. All of this, of course, means that our perception of aliens as scary, mean green guys is incredibly disrespectful and disheartening to not only ourselves, but our true soul family that awaits us beyond this world. The last thing those that have been in power want is for you to embody your own galactic abilities by acknowledging your own galactic origin, active support and physical/spiritual make-up. Hence the domination and enforcement of modern-day Christianity and various religious ideologies.

Once you are able to zoom outside of yourself and your own timeline in order to see and feel the very deliberate escalation of strategies and conquests from the inception of our land (and beyond) - you can't help but understand the connection of literally EVERYTHING.

The interesting thing to me, so far, is how many people DO see a very limited, specific aspect of the corruption, greed, manipulation and power-plays that are in place that effectively control the massive population just the way they devised it to. So many people have seen the BS of our food supply and nutritional values. The reality of the effects of food dyes, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, fluoride, and on and on and on is clear, intentional and has been publicly known for decades now. The FDA, CDC, CIA, FBI, WHO, NASA and countless other pyramidal extensions of our US government are not new to lies.

This pandemic is exposing multi-generations of corruption and deceit - NOT just the past two years worth. If a government is willing to literally poison their citizens through the continued use/legalization of harmful ingredients, through the glorification of alcohol and drugs and further toxins, through the medical practices of immune-system depleting shots or unnecessary surgeries - then why would they STOP with food? Or humans? (See just one example of the clear buildup to the pandemic through this article about rabies and dogs).

Our government and the true leadership it is under is completely reliant on the illusion of fear. Every decade of our country's existence has revealed undeniable evidence of this, beginning with the very beginning. To act like our 'founding fathers' weren't all like-minded, collaborative thinkers that devised the origin story of this society on this land - and instead fought and argued with the King of England, unhappy with the dictatorial control under his rule, to the point that they decided to relocate to escape, then argued amongst each other once arriving to the East is all just such a ridiculous fairy tale.

Our 'forefathers' came here with the King's mission in mind. They came, they saw, they devastated. If you think our leaders are completely comfortable with brutal massacres of the true inhabitants of this land, our fellow Native brothers and sisters - that continues right now, every day - yet value YOUR life to the point that you are far from expendable, then I'm just not sure what country you think you are living in.

This is, of course, aided by the portrayal of Natives as barbaric savages who deserved to die and who only benefited from the technology and advancement brought over by the white man. This couldn't be further from the truth. If you've actually dug in to the lifestyle, culture, values, education, technology, and overall life experience of pretty much any Native culture worldwide - you will find that they were much happier, healthier, better educated, more innovative and lived more purposeful, intentional, peaceful lives than we have ever known in our own societal upbringing.

Outside of the fact that their children were kidnapped, their parents were sent to rot in Alcatraz, and their homes, families and lands were destroyed - the divide and conquer mentality that has remained a foundational principle of the US Empire has extended far beyond Natives, and far beyond our own country. When you see the outlandish concepts constructed, articulated and documented in writing by our own governmental officials - it is not only mind-blowing that they were arrogant enough to TYPE these ideas out, but so apparent just how reliant this system is on the illusion of reality that doesn't actually exist, never existed, and is only our present reality because we were sold on the concept without ever receiving the actual, concrete evidence.

To help express exactly what I mean, I highly recommend checking out the documentation of Operation Northwoods from 1962 - a declassified write-up detailing the exact strategies that should be acted out in order to convince the country, and the world, that the US had reason to invade Cuba and end Castro. The ideas given by its authors include a range of concepts from bombing ammunition warehouses on base, blowing up aircrafts, planning memorials for 'mock-victims', orchestrating a fake explosion of an unmanned-drone to have the news media report on the 'killed crewmembers' that never existed - all to blame Cuba and justify that they could kill more.

This document was, supposedly, never acted out in the physical world. This document did immediately precede the assassination of JFK (maybe you've heard of it) - a murder that was pinned on a man by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald who, upon being identified as the shooter by the news, was immediately assigned the helpful narrative of a Castro-fanatic. More bad press for Cuba - despite the event actually having nothing to do with Cuba. For another example of deliberately made up violence, one that was actually enacted out, dig in to the slightly-more-recent Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to the Vietnam War.

Whether it has been in war games, nutrition, education, entertainment or elsewhere - this entire Empire exists based on the manipulation and creation of events, organizations, structures, media, and concepts that were never real, never existed and, definitely, never put in place for any gain or motive other than mass control, greed and power for the rich and elite. And it has worked. Quite well. For centuries. For eons. Until now.

When you go back in time far enough, long before 1776, you'll find that there have been numerous cataclysmic events on our Mother Earth. Of course, we've all learned a bit about the Ice Age, the Stone Age, etc. but the weight of recognizing the cycles that not just our planet, but our entire solar system has undergone leads you to some very, very exciting understandings about our current, present age.

You don't have to believe me, you don't have to believe our ancestors, you don't have to believe the ancient civilizations who lived much healthier lives than we have, you don't have to believe Mother Earth, you don't have to believe your inner knowing, you don't have to believe your best, highest self - you don't have to believe anything.

Nothing changes the fact that when in a state of fear, when in a state of repetition or monotony, when living in stress and worry, when feeling turmoil and chaos - your inner energy is embodied by your external reality. It isn't fantasyland, nor is it miniscule - it is the basic principle of quantum physics, it is the most empowering concept to master and it is how the universe always has and always will operate.

Limiting your opportunities for discovery (ie. mandated biased educational curriculums, full reign of all media networks and technological resources, control of internet results or subject matter/material, etc.) while ensuring that you see a tight-windowed perspective of how the world looks, feels and acts like (ie. newspaper headlines or television coverage discussing the incessant violence occurring, restrictive laws being passed or tragic world 'accidents' horrifying the globe) - all contribute to the solidification, intensification and prolongment of this becoming the naturally occurring norm in all aspects of our existence. Put simply, the more human beings that believe in everything the news reports (in complete denial and ignorance of the few who own it all and intentionally choose what to feed you, regardless of facts or universal truths) the more chaotic the actual reality becomes - and the weaker the masses feel due to our perceived lack of control of our own lives that these visions give us - and the more our well-being and day-to-day mood or energy becomes reliant on the outcomes of our external world and national headlines, resulting in a worldwide collective that feels suffering, stress, worry or just complete and total distraction from their true inner potential, truly beautiful lives and wonderfully powerful abilities.

The introduction of the pandemic comes after decades of planning, research, strategizing and development within our government and its pawns. Whether it was Fauci reaching the right position at the right time, Gates reaching a new peak in his own arrogance, the CDC, WHO, FDA all having the right leaders in place - this thing has been prepared for (you can't possibly be overlooking Event 201 from October 2019 by now, right?) and executed to near-perfection - except for where it has actually resulted in the opposite effect from what was intended.

As of today we have a police chief in New South Wales, AU refusing to comply with the country's mandated vaccine passport. We have family members of huge politicians speaking out on their own strategies. We have doctors and scientists joining together internationally to defend the public and defend scientific integrity. The public, largely, doesn't even recognize - let alone appreciate - the efforts of these strong-willed, brave groups of people who see through the lies regarding safety, and directly acknowledge the universal right of freedom being willingly handed over by a misled, compliant human race that has become a slave to their own false-comfortability.

Yet, the fact that there is such a strong pushback already of the clear deception that has taken place on a global scale, and the serious consequences of giant groups of people all over the world seeing the corruption happening before our eyes gives strong indication that this pandemic is not only crumbling through the fingertips of the greedy, heartless elite by the second - but that the centuries and millenniums of mass slaughtering, enslavement, illusions, control, instability, sins, hate, power, division, and all of the toxic, negatively-masculine, chaotically-challenging realities of the old world are very rapidly being destroyed by a self-combustion of the forces in power that brought it to fruition in the first place. Light always conquers darkness, no matter how long it takes.

With that in mind, it is also important to express the scientific facts and outcomes playing out as we speak. As we continue to rise to the peak of our current solar cycle, Cycle 25, we must recognize what this phase of our sun is bringing to not only our planet, but to our entire solar system. Our brightest star will be increasing in activity all the way through 2025. This means we will see more and more CMEs, solar flares, solar wind and various earth-bound ejections from the Sun. As I write this today, there is a minor CME on its way that will sideswipe the Earth once it reaches us by this Friday, October 1st.* This CME would under normal circumstances not cause much disruption on our planet, however, when paired with the Earth's current weakening of the magnetic field (which is also intensifying due to our planet's current geomagnetic excursion), any CME at this point can cause quite a ruckus on our planet's conditions. Friday will be a wonderful test to just how strong (or weak) our Mother Earth is holding up at the moment.

It is my belief, as the scientific evidence supports (not to mention many ancient prophecies, galactical communications, celebrity/elite preparations taking place, etc.), that this is the final cycle we will experience in this realm, on this Earth, in this time. Put bluntly, I believe our Sun is the primary cause and influence on all major geomagnetic excursions/reversals that have occurred in the history of our planet and our current planetary reset will wipe out life in this solar system by 2025. To be totally honest, I think this is finished prior to the completion of 2023 and it is totally plausible that this could be done within the next 6 months. Regardless of when it is completely over, I do feel strongly that the next 3-6 months will be some of the most dramatic and world-changing of our entire collective existence. So, you have a very close reference point to decide if you value any of the information I've presented here or elsewhere. That seems totally fair to me.

I don't believe this results in our deaths, this results in the abandonment of self or that we even lose our memories of this world at all. I believe the Sun is going to release a CME (or a series of CMEs) so powerful that our satellites go down, our electrical grid shuts off, and, eventually, all life on our planet gets obliterated and reset. However, we can reach the New Earth whenever we are ready. Our consciousness can elevate to a state that brings us into a higher realm. Again, this isn't fantasyland (though the elite love for you to think that don't they), this is basic quantum physics. Our state of consciousness creates our outward reality. You master your consciousness, you master your outward physical reality.

It's like having a clay ball. You're allowed to mold that clay ball into whatever you want. You could choose to do nothing at all, just let it sit as the same clay ball you picked it up as. Or, you could surrender your role as the artist and hand it over to the person next to you, allowing them to construct your clay ball into whatever they want. You can see what they created for you. It's now in form. Or, you can create something self-destructive. A knife. A bat. Or, you can create something beautiful. A butterfly. A glass. A gift for someone else.

Your brain (mind) is your artistic chamber, your hub of creation. Your thoughts put your mindset into action, serving as the hands that form the final product. Your visions are the clay ball transforming from just that clay ball into that butterfly. Or that knife. Or, for those who didn't want the responsibility of being their own artists and chose to hand their brain to the person next to them - it's sickness, violence, rage, tragedy, victimhood, desperation and division. It's the emotions and messages that flood music, radio, movies, TVs, news, books, etc. It's defending the elite for the elite by yelling at your son that he's a danger to society and deserves to be put down for not wanting the vaccine. It's telling others that the vaccine limits the intensity of symptoms or protects their grandchildren while ignoring the fact that vaccines have been the cause of spreading, variations, miseducation, sickness, and death - all of the dangerously framed talking points shoved at the opposite choice. It's telling someone that Trump really won the election and Biden has caused all of this, while ignoring that there is no difference between Trump or Biden or Bush or Obama or even George Washington and all play their part in the big game of left/right, black/white, liberal/conservative, up/down, or yes/no. The political system has been nothing but a back and forth for their own non-partisan gain since it was originally devised by the bonded white men of the 1700s, likely long before they ever reached the shores of the Atlantic Coast and began slaughtering anyone that stood in their way.

My main point is this: If you can see the corruption of nutrition - or space, or education, or healthcare, or entertainment, or history itself - then you shouldn't allow yourself to stop there. You shouldn't pat yourself on the back and say 'I am eating organic because pesticides are bad!', building yourself up as some woke new-ager because you're comfortable eating 'organic' fruit while divulging in brain-numbing, desensitizing content on Netflix on your couch in your air-conditioned, curtain-blackened living room.

If you can see the corruption of one - then you're in a great position to connect that corruption to all of the programs together. The same manipulations and efforts of control that are being exposed through this pandemic are the same manipulations and efforts of control that our 'forefathers' left Britain to spread to this land and beyond.

The same manipulations and efforts of control that infect the ownership of media outlets.

Schooling systems.







Social media.






Need I Go On?

Nature is the most powerful force in the entire universe and nature is wholly divine, exceptionally gifting and unselfishly abundant. Nature values nature and we are all natural, divine, god-embodying beings and for that reason alone we have absolutely nothing to fear, nothing to worry about and an entirely new, beautiful world waiting for us to step into. Our loved ones are already there. Our heads fill with thoughts of outdated, non-existent junk that only serves to slow down our collective growth, delay our mindful expansion and prevent our inevitable transition to the most unparalleled, harmonious Golden Age the universe has ever seen.

Do you know how fortunate we are today?

We will all realize it soon enough, whether we are ready or not.

*Update 10.10.2021: The CME in reference was yet another (about the 12th) CME of young Cycle 25 that just barely MISSED the Earth. On October 9th, 2021 a direct hit, Class-M CME erupted that will be arriving to our planet sometime 10.11.2021-10.12.2021. Fairly minor G2 level geomagnetic storms are being expected, no major global impact is being predicted. THIS will definitely be a great test to our planet's present stability. Second half of October isn't even here yet. Solar Cycle 25 is just warming up.